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 We Build Custom Mobile Apps For Your Business

     In 1999 it was predicted that offline businesses, to continue to be successful, would need an online presence. 15+ years later that statment proved to be correct. The online environment is changing with more and more people using their smartphones and apps to get what they need. That is why at Surf Web Design, we are dedicated to providing mobile apps that cater to local businesses.

 We specialize in App Development and have perfected a process for building simple, well designed apps in a fraction of the time it takes for even full studios to do the job. I’ve added a list below near the footer of possible things we could build into your app.




7 Reasons How a Mobile APP Can Improve Your Business

CustomerServiceAppsReason #1 - Customer Visibility

 The #1 reason is when someone installs an app on their mobile phone they are visible to their customers at all times. I mean, the stats show on average people spend over 2 hours a day on their mobile devices. Now granted their are probably only a few apps that make up the bulk of this usage...

However it dosen't change the fact that a user has to scroll through their phone to find apps that they want to use. So that being said, they are still going to be scrolling past your company's app icon. Now wheather they open the app or not is irrelevent, the fact that your logo and your branding is always within their eye shot, subconceiously they are aware of that and it helps to reinforce your brand.

push notificationReason #2 - Direct Contact With Your Customer

     It creates a direct form of marketing with the user. Now with an app you can have so many different options on it from general info about your business prices, booking forms, loyalty cards and coupons. If you run a blog, you can publish your latest blog feeds onto your app.

But one of the biggest benifits of all is that you can contact your customers directly to their mobile phone instatly with special promotions that you are running, new coupons that you have created or loyalty cards.

So with push notifications it actually gives you a instant direct form of contact that can always be used as a little reminder to plant seeds in your customers minds about products and services that businesses offer.

mobile coupon saveReason #3 - Coupons and Loyalty Cards

There are countless business these days that run loyalty card programs that use snail mail coupons offers sent with the post office to people's doors. Granted it is still effective, but I have lost count of the number of cardboard loyalty cards I have lost. I've lost count of coupons that have come through my mail that I wanted to use but also lost.

I simply forget to bring the coupons with me to the shop. I never forget to bring my phone with me though. Now with an app you can disguize all this by having the loyalty card within the app, you can have all the coupons within the app. And not only that you can harness the power with push notifications you can send a message to people making them aware of this.  

A push notification message to a user of your app when they enter a certain radius that will send them a coupon to come into your store and they will get 10% off; which is immensley powerfull because you are marketing the people based on their location they are currently at. 

If they are near your store and are thinking of going to another store to buy something they could be buy from yours, when they get a coupon through to their phone this makes it a very easy decision of where they want to go.


Reason #4 - Branding and Recognitionbrand

The next major point is point four and it't to help you build brand recognition with your customers. You can use your company logo, you can take your company colors and we can create you an app where customers have value of having your app on their phone.

Now there are so many sectors and businesses that you can build this app, an example would be a hair salon. You could take photos of some of your clients haircuts that you have done and post them into your mobile app.  That becomes valuble because users want to be able to go onto that app and see ideas for their next hair cut. And that validates that your hair salon is able to do the job that the customer wants you to do.

You also have the recognition side of it and the more you can get customers seeing your app, using your app, looking at information in your app, the more open they are to coming back to you for return business because you have built up a level of trust with that customer. 


customer engagementReason #5 - Customer Engagement

It does not matter what you are selling. You could be selling floors, physiotheropy, coffee, lunch menus and lunch deals at restaurants, dental treatment, styling, home decor, if your users have a way to get the same end result without having to pick up the phone and call you, then it's going to improve your business. Lets say for example they are looking to make a booking for a restaurant and want to make a booking for a massage. Well then, they can just open up the app on their phone, enter the booking, select a date, select a time and then they can make that appointment all without having to pick up the phone. So that's the level of customer engagemant you want. 

Maybe you've got some new product lines in; well you can add them to your catalog. People can open up your app, look at your catalog and they can make an appointment to come in. Maybe you've got a real estate app and people are looking at properties in a certain area. Or you've got an auto car dealership, or you sell parts for mountain biking or road biking. So that just creates a better level of engagement for your customer. 

Reason #6 - Stay Ahead of the Competitionstay ahead

History shows that offline businesses took a lot longer to get online than what they should have. And the ones who got online first actually got a big jump ahead of their competitors. The mobile apps base is exactly the same. Anyone who runs an offline business, and they’ve done so for a long time, or they’re aware of other people in that particular space, they’ll know that they need a website. The fact is the MAJORITY of your customers read and research a lot of their information online… the statistics show that the largest percentage of people are using their smartphones and tablets to browse the Internet. A mobile app is exactly the same concept and it’s growing. So now not only do businesses need a website they also need an app. It just gives you multiple channels to be able to communicate with your customer. The MAJOR benefit of a mobile app is you have the ability you contact your customers at any time.


loyalty stampsReason #7 - Creating Loyalty With Your Customer

When you think about how much advertising the average person sees; whether it be TV advertising, billboards they drive past, advertising at bus shelters, on their Facebook news feed etc. etc... Even when they search Google they're being bombarded with banner ads, coupons that are stuffed in their mailbox and emails they get sent. It’s a lot of space to compete with so when you try to advertise, so unless you're right on the ball, you're going to slowly lose your impact with your customers.

Use our Loyalty Card program to incentivize your customers to load your app on their phone. Because once they have your app on their phone, you don’t need to compete with everyone else. You don’t need to compete with Facebook ads or Google Adword ads because they'll have your app on their phone. Now you have your own little space on their phone, which is your app. So you’ve got an immediate and direct connection to communicate with them directly at any point.

So when you’re running an offer, rather than relying on them to look at your fan page or visit your website to see what offer it is you’re running; you can just send them push notifications which will alert them to your offers. This way, there’s no competing with anyone and that is what will help build return business.


Repeat Business Is The Lifeblood Of Any Business

Getting return customers is the easiest way to generate added income. That’s why at Surf Web Design when we build apps for our clients we focus on the key factors that will help them not only attract new clients but keep existing ones.

Loyalty Cards – An in-app solution that encourages customers to return to you….

Push Notifications – One of the most powerful forms of marketing in 2016 in which you can send a message DIRECTLY to your customers smart phone alerting them to new offers and services you provide

Click To Call – Your customer is always one click away from being able to contact you


proximity based mobile coupons


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Here are some of the features and options available for your Business APP

Features and Options


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