Facebook Target Advertising

Surf Web Design is now licenced to run crawling software on Facebook using specific software and a Facebook app. It's extremely unique in that it polls information from Facebook with uncanny accuracy and allows one to build profiles on literally 1000s of people in a very defined market.
In short what it means is after creating the ad campaign I could have 100s and even 1000s of users matching the profile I've created in a direct advertising list.
How it works is like this.
Say you wanted to create a profile in Calgary of people who were looking for landscaping services.
This software sniffs through sites that pertain to that criteria then grabs the Facebook UIDs (Unique numbered Ids facebook gives each person) of the people who have liked that page. It grabs their profiles with amazing speed. There's other demographics that can be incorporated as well and in the end you have the Facebook Ids of people showing a keen interest and can spot an ad on their page.
This is truly a state of the art and a terrific marketing tool.



PACKAGE 1 - $249.95

  • Installation of Data Reach on your current website (either your current Wordpress site or we will install Wordpress and Data Reach in a seperate folder)
  • Crawl your Facebook Target Market with the Data Reach software installed on your site.
  • $100 Lifetime budget Facebook Ad campaign (Pay per Click and Pay Per 1000 Impressions).
  • Add a Facebook Connect button to one of your pages (See the example at the top of this page).

PACKAGE 2 - $149.95

  • Crawl your Facebook Target Market with our Data Reach software
  • Run one $100 Lifetime budget Facebook Advertising Campaign (Pay per Click and Pay Per 1000 Impressions)

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