Getting Started

Let us design a website for your business today!

Step 1:

Choose a domain (i.e. See whats available to the right on the domain checker ---> SURF WEB DESIGN offers Premium Web Hosting. $100 / Year Domain and Hosting. First 3 months FREE (based on a 12+ month term). Some conditions apply.

Step 2:

Decide on a CMS (Content Management System). Joomla is our first recomendation. There are many benifits to choosing Joomla.  It is the largest CMS system in the world and has thousands of extentions in the Joomla Extention Directory that can be added to your website. Wordpress is next. This is commonly used for bloging and news websites but can be altered to work and has speed and better SEO results. Drupal is our third choice and is not for the non-technical. If you have a technical background then this may be a choice to consider if you plan on working on the site yourself in the future. 

Step 3:

Choose a Template from Template Monsters and note the template number. You will need this during the checkout process. We have found this to be the best option for most of our clients. Modifications can be made such as fonts, colors etc. Since the web is changing so quickly a responsive most up to date state of the art template that will work on all media devices is recomended. These templates are built by people who specialize in building templates. Try to choose one that works with Joomla 3.0 to keep your site up to date may load quicker and is more sercure from attacks. Template Monsters is the biggest, has the larget selection and most recommended. But there are many other templates for sale on the web so if you find one you like just let us know. 

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Joomla Extensions