Most Developers charge a 1 time fee of $5000-$20,000 with lifetime updates at an aditional charge. At Surf Web Design we believe in keeping costs resonable for small businesses. 

Your App Development ($1999 ON SALE NOW $999) Price Includes:

  • All the features listed below relevent to your business including but not limited to Loyalty Cards, Coupons, Push Notifications, Call Us, Email Us, Location etc. 
  • Handling the submission of your app to the app stores: the Google Play store ($25 Value), the Amazon App Store($25 Value), the Apple App Store($99 Value). The submission process can be complex, and as part of our contract we will get your app on multiple stores all included with our Development Cost Fee.
  • Custom icons, Custom Backgrounds and Custom Header Graphics

Recurring Fee ($99.99 / Month) Price Includes:

  • Drafting and sending push notifications or
  • A white label push notification area that you can use to draft and send your own (two different costs);
  • 1 change a week or up to 4 changes per month.
  • Handling future updates or changes to the app. We offer the first 30 days free and then a monthly recurring fee there after.


An app is the answer to multiple business needs. With an app your business has no need to worry about getting loyalty cards or coupons designed and printed; push notifications to customers who install your app letting them know about new offers means there’s no need to run a printed promotion campaign; by the same token you, the business owner, does not need to sit at your computer in their spare time and prepare and send emails or leaflets advertising your services. As a business owner when you see that our app can save you time and money and what you can save, you will be very interested.

Having an App is as essential as having a website”. But more than this, apps offer much more functionality and ways of interacting with a user base than a website can.

It took a lot of companies a long time to start getting websites and building an online presence. Those who did it first ended up making the most money. It’s the exact same with apps and local businesses. A few years down the line nearly all small businesses will have mobile apps.

27.2 million small businesses are in the USA. 86.2% of therese small businesses said they would love an app but they were under the impression that apps were only affordable by fortune 500 companies. We at Surf Web Design are here to tell you now that is not case any more.

Apps can benefit many many business. To name a few are:mobile app development 1

  • Autorneys
  • Auto Dealers
  • Hardware Stores
  • Real Estate
  • Chiropractors
  • Air Con Service
  • Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Gyms
  • Dentists
  • Printers
  • Heating Installation
  • Computer Stores
  • Night Clubs
  • Local Travel Agents
  • Cosmetic Surgens
  • Builders
  • Dog Grooming
  • ...and much much more

Features of your app could include:

  • Push Notifications (Send customers a message with your app installed on their mobile device. eg. Sale Today Only 9am-5pm)
  • Coupons (Can be constucted to a specific time or amount)
  • Loyalty Cards (eg. Buy 8 get one free. Ask cashier to enter the code into the app)
  • Location (Your business location with Google Maps)
  • Phone Us (1 click call us)
  • Send Us a Message (customer can send a message to your email from the app)
  • Book a Table (Uses API with your favorite table booking Service eg Urban Spoon) 
  • Make an Appointment (
  • Video Gallery (Display Videos relevent to your business eg. Yoga Exercises)
  • Opt in Forms (Collect Customers Name and Email for future email offers)
  • Directory (Contact specific people in your business)
  • Facebook (User can view your Facebook posts in the app)
  • Twitter (User can view Twitter tweets in your app)
  • Online Form (Ask users to enter information into a form)
  • Amazon Catalog (Sell products relevent to your business and make a comission with Amazon Affiliate Program)
  • Shopify (Add your shopify products into your app)
  • Drop Box Directory
  • Order Food
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