Top Reasons to Update Your Website

Top Reasons to Update Your Website

Is your website mobile friendly? If it is not you are loosing valuable business.

#1 - Today people are viewing websites on their smart phones and tablets more than ever. This trend is going to get even more popular as time goes on. That is why a responsive mobile friendly template is the only way to go. Test out your current site using Quirk Tools and see if it is mobile friendly. If not we highly suggest updating your site as soon as possible to increase traffic and increase business so visitors to your site can have a more enjoyable experience.

#2 - Does your site load slowly? Most people do not wait more than 5-10 seconds for a site to load. Especially on their cellular data plans or mobile devices. That is why you need a fast loading website. Along with designing your site with fully optimized images and coding, we packaged that together with our state of the art VPS server. Your website site will load much faster than a typical website on Godaddy or any other big named hosting provider. That is because a shared hosting plan of Godaddy involves sharing a server with hundreds or even thousands of other websites. So at any given time if there is a lot of traffic on that server your site will load slowly. Or if one of those sites is doing something bad or illegal search engines such as Google may restrict the ip from that server and your site will fall in Googles rankings. Surf Web Design owns our own dedicated server so we can monitor it 24/7. Load times are much quicker. See for yourself by doing a website speed test such as Pingdom Tools Try testing your own website at different times of the day.

Our Website Hosting Plan is $100 per year and free for the first year with most design plans. See for yourself and what our clients have to say. Client Testimonials

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